Why Developer Avocados 🥑

A few people wrote about Developer Avocados online, and how they were born. We’re not going into that here. We just loved the idea of “the good kind of fat” and most importantly:

A Developer Avocado is someone whose primary responsibility is to make life easier for developers.

And that’s what we do!

Why Developer Avocados 🥑 Weekly

We’ve always thought there’s not eneough Developer Avocados out there, and we wanted to help change that. When we started out we used to read Technically Speaking a lot, but Cate and Chiu-Ki took a break. We’ve waited this past year for someone to pick up the slack and come up with a replacement. Turns out, it’s us 😅! We want to keep a similar minimalist format with a few highly curated resources and a few good conference CFPs. Delivered every week in your inbox. But we are changing the focus from strictly public speaking to resources and tips geared towards helping you become a Developer Avocado 🥑!

So Developer Avocados 🥑 Weekly is a curated list of articles, tweets, resources and CFPs. It saves you time and all the FOMO of missing out. 💌 You could just read the archive, but we feel this weekly email in your inbox is going to keep reminding you there is a world of avocados out there, just like you, so please subscribe 💚. We’d appreciate you spreading the word on social media if you like what you see.